Feel the Flow

Yoga and Somatic Session for Anxiety Relief

Course Summary

For this practice we will flow through our energized state to our calm state of our nervous system as we stretch, move and breathe through a nervous system regulating yoga snd somatic session while embodying the Truth and Power of God’s Words and promises.

Nervous system regulating? This is how I approach finding relief from stress, anxiety and overwhelm- is through body based practices, like yoga, that regulate, bring back to balance, and shift our nervous systems in the parasympathetic relaxation state.  

This is where relief for anxiety is found - in your parasympathetic, relaxation state of your nervous system.  

Please join me as I lead you through this all-access and mobility levels Yoga for Anxiety Relief. 

Course Curriculum

Karen Penfold

Karen has personal experience with post-trauma stress, loss, and grief. Karen also has personal experiences with Healing and Hope. Through this journey, she discovered her passion to help others heal from trauma. She is a 10-year, two-time breast cancer and trauma survivor. Karen was introduced to yoga while recovering from breast cancer surgeries and treatments as well as a broken pelvis from a car accident. She credits much of her healing – in body, mind, and spirit – to the somatic, mindful, and spiritual practice of Christ-centered yoga.

” I absolutely  recommend this class!”

L.M, Participant 

I was blessed to attend a Feel the Flow  yoga session with Karen. It was exactly what I needed. Karen's naturally nurturing, calm spirit makes the experience so enjoyable. The backyard is a gorgeous oasis. Feel the Flow yoga allowed me to calm myself with the techniques that were shared. I left ready to start my day in a much more positive way.

Course Pricing 

Feel the Flow

$19 USD

  • Yoga and Somatic Session for Anxiety Relief

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