Grounding, God and Gratitude

A Mindful, Spiritual and Embodied Practice

I have a gentle question for you?

 How is your “ quiet time” practice or your Gratitude Practice with God going?  

Would you like to see and FEEL it FLOURISH?

 You’re invited to my Online Monthly Special Topic Workshop ~  GROUNDING, GOD AND GRATITUDE.

   Experience gratitude as a spiritual, mindful and embodied practice. I will lead you through a process that will help your spiritual practice of quiet time with God and your mindful practice of gratitude flourish and cultivate deep roots by starting with the practice of grounding.

 This session is included in the Online Monthly Membership for Breathe Move Live with Full Of Hope Yoga members.  

For non-members, the workshop is $19.  


Course Curriculum

Karen Penfold

Karen has personal experience with post-trauma stress, loss, and grief. Karen also has personal experiences with Healing and Hope. Through this journey, she discovered her passion to help others heal from trauma. She is a 10-year, two-time breast cancer and trauma survivor. Karen was introduced to yoga while recovering from breast cancer surgeries and treatments as well as a broken pelvis from a car accident. She credits much of her healing – in body, mind, and spirit – to the somatic, mindful, and spiritual practice of Christ-centered yoga.

Audra Jo 

Thank you for being you and holding holy space (even though it may be virtually). I cannot express enough what a gift your presence is in my life journey. I just got a chance to go through the grounding, gratitude God workshop and it was so timely and nurturing. I am still all in my feels but in a good release, alivening way. 

Course Pricing

Grounding, God and Gratitude Workshop

$19 USD

  • FEEL your Quiet Time and Gratitude Practice Flourish when you start with Embodied Practices of Grounding

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