Healing Traumatic Stress from GRIEF and LOSS

Self -Paced Series of 6 Sessions

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These past two  year has led to an unprecedented amount  of loss in its many forms.
This series on nervous system healing is for anyone who has experienced or is experiencing grief and loss. 

Last Spring I led an Online 6 - Week Series to guide participants through an educational and experiential process of healing traumatic stress at the nervous system level with a group of people walking a similar path.

The Six Session recordings, along with 26 additional video and audio sessions for Trauma Recovery are now available to you in a Self-Paced Program Package.

You will experience the practices that bring calm and stability (regulation) to your nervous system overwhelmed or shut down by traumatic stress.

Six Series Self- Paced Package Includes: 

•Six 90 Minute Trauma Recovery Sessions for Healing Traumatic Grief from Grief and Loss 

( 90 minutes of session, 15 minutes at front for Nervous System Education) integrating the therapeutic practices of mindfulness, breathwork, trauma sensitive yoga, somatic awareness, embodied truth and meditation.

•Twelve  15- 30 Minute Video or Audio Lessons 
on Nervous System Regulation and Healing Traumatic Stress 

 • Twelve 20 Minute Trauma Sensitive  Yoga Video sessions covering 
Trauma Recovery Principle, Self Compassion and Exploring Connectio

$299- Live Participants (Not Available)
$99 - Self- Paced Participants 

Full and partial scholarships for financial hardship available through 

Please reach out to me regarding scholarships. 

Course Curriculum

Karen Penfold

Karen has personal experience with post-trauma stress, loss, and grief. Karen also has personal experiences with Healing and Hope. Through this journey, she discovered her passion to help others heal from trauma. She is a 10-year, two-time breast cancer and trauma survivor. Karen was introduced to yoga while recovering from breast cancer surgeries and treatments as well as a broken pelvis from a car accident. She credits much of her healing – in body, mind, and spirit – to the somatic, mindful, and spiritual practice of Christ-centered yoga.

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Healing Traumatic Stress from Grief & Loss 

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  • 6 Week Series - Healing Traumatic Stress
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