Healing Traumatic Stress from Chronic Pain

Somatic Practices to Break the Chronic Pain Chronic Stress Cycle

Course Summary

Chronic pain and chronic stress are a vicious cycle. 

Chronic Pain creates chronic stress, which over activates the sympathetic nervous system’s traumatic stress response, which can lead to chronic muscle tension, anxiety, sleep problems and feelings of overwhelm.  

This leads to more stress, less rest and more 
or continued pain.    

But we can Break the Chronic Pain 
Chronic Stress Cycle 

We are not powerless and certainly not 
hopeless against our body’s response 
to the chronic stress of chronic pain. 

 We have a superpower within our body
and it’s the sympathetic nervous system 
and the button to activate this
 superpower is …… the vagus nerve !   

In this course we will…

Learn how we can break the chronic pain cycle
 and restore your system to the healing state of the parasympathetic’s relaxation response.   

Learn about the biology of chronic stress
 and how it activates your sympathetic 
fight and flight response contributing to 
pain cycles and your body’s inability to heal.  

Practice easy and accessible body-based, 
somatic practices that can regulate your system, 
activate the relaxation response and 
break chronic stress-chronic pain cycles.      

Learn to interrupt your body’s stress response 
to pain and to activate your body’s 
relaxation response so you can rest,
 recover and experience relief from 
chronic stress and chronic pain.   

 Experience over five hours of simple but powerful 
practices to activate your parasympathetic 
nervous systems “ rest and digest”  
relaxation response to relieve stress, relieve  
pain and promote rest and healing.   

Course Curriculum

Karen Penfold

Karen has personal experience with post-trauma stress, loss, and grief. Karen also has personal experiences with Healing and Hope. Through this journey, she discovered her passion to help others heal from trauma. She is a 10-year, two-time breast cancer and trauma survivor. Karen was introduced to yoga while recovering from breast cancer surgeries and treatments as well as a broken pelvis from a car accident. She credits much of her healing – in body, mind, and spirit – to the somatic, mindful, and spiritual practice of Christ-centered yoga.


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