Therapeutic Restorative Yoga for Nervous System Regulation

Experience Therapuetic Rest

Course Summary

This will be a gentle yoga session to shift your nervous system into its parasympathetic state. It’s in this relaxation state that we receive therapeutic rest- for our mind, body and soul.

God has rest and renewal for us -for our minds,  for our souls and for our bodies.  God also has rest and renewal for our nervous system and it is through regulation- it is through shifting the nervous system into its parasympathetic rest, digest and recover revive state!  

 That is our goal width this gentle, slow and Scripture-filled Full of Hope Yoga session.


Karen Penfold

Karen has personal experience with post-trauma stress, loss, and grief. Karen also has personal experiences with Healing and Hope. Through this journey, she discovered her passion to help others heal from trauma. She is a 10-year, two-time breast cancer and trauma survivor. Karen was introduced to yoga while recovering from breast cancer surgeries and treatments as well as a broken pelvis from a car accident. She credits much of her healing – in body, mind, and spirit – to the somatic, mindful, and spiritual practice of Christ-centered yoga.

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Therapeutic Restorative Yoga

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